Working Holidays

Finding a Bank Account in the UK

As much as working holidaymakers on a budget would like to avoid thinking about money, having in it a necessary evil for anyone who wants to see the world. True, working while you travel helps the budget out a lot but you still need to figure out how to best manage your money while on the road.

Travellers to the UK who intend on spending a year or two there would be wise to get a UK bank account. In fact, if you intent on working, your employer will insist that you have one. Unless you're working under the table, there's really no way to get around the need for a bank account.

Opening a bank account can be a bit tricky and usually involves showing several months of bills as proof of where you live. Some banks make it easier to open an account than others and it would be wise to compare bank accounts online to see which bank suits you the best. There's no point taking this choice lightly… there are lots of UK banks to choose from and picking one that's best for you will help you avoid hassles later.

Lloyds TSB makes a good choice for a bank account for new arrivals. There are a range of Lloyds bank account options which makes them a good choice, especially if you're not too sure yet what's actually available to you here. Taking a look at the different options at Lloyds will, at the very least, let you know what options are out there for you.

Try also to choose a bank that's convenient for you to get to or has a lot of locations. As banks tend to operate from 9 to 5, having a bank close to your work will mean that you'll be able to nip in there on your lunch breaks to deal with any issues, to open new accounts, or for whatever you might need. Having to take a day off work to do your banking isn't practical or economical. Much better to spend those holiday days on a beach than in a bank line!

Banking in the UK can be a bit overwhelming to a new arrival so it's nice to do a bit of research before you even arrive. Check each bank out online. Coming prepared with a bit of information when you arrive will make your transition to life in the UK a bit smoother and every little bit helps.




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