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With the world in economic turmoil many people are revisiting their retirement plans. As your savings could be smaller than you were expecting perhaps you may need to work part time before taking full retirement. Don't despair you could consider retiring abroad instead and find a location which can stretch your savings further than living in the UK. Before you take the leap you probably need to sit down and contemplate what it would mean to live overseas. Relocating to another country is a dream for some but you should research this life changing decision before selling your home and heading off to the sun!

Many people when they retire want to take life a little slower and look for a location with plenty of sunshine all year round. However if you pick a location further afield bear in mind you will see less of your family in the UK. Perhaps you want to spend more time enjoying your hobbies like painting, golf, walking, eating delicious food! Write a list of all the essential requirements for a happy retirement and this will keep you focused.

A recent survey by Castle Cover compiled a wonderful top ten list of overseas locations to consider for your retirement. As well as some of the obvious choices like Spain, Portugal, Greece and Australia there were some other more interesting options. Malta was chosen for its wonderful weather, rich history, friendly people and excellent English spoken across the islands. It's also a short flight from the UK making it ideal to keep in touch with loved ones back home.

For something more indulgent Barbados has an expat community of 27,000. Life here is sunshine and beautiful beaches plus it has low property taxes. There's no doubt family in the UK will be queuing up to pay you a visit! If your children have already headed off to Thailand or America take a look and see if you could join them these are both wonderful destinations offering a tempting lifestyle for your golden years. The top ten destinations they recommend can be found here:

It's worth checking in advance all the taxes and bills you will be expected to pay if you set up home in another country. There's plenty of advice available online and if you want to keep your UK entitlements check how many days you can be out of the country before losing benefits like NHS healthcare and your state pension. As you get older healthcare and insurance become a key consideration too.

Remember your retirement is what you've spent your life working towards so take the time to get it right!

For official information from the government about your retirement check out the following links: and




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