Working Holidays

Saving Money on Your Working Holiday

There's no point spending your time working as you travel to raise the funds you need to continue your trip only to blow it unecessarily. You should be using your hard-earned money on fun things like road trips, adventure sports, and drinking beer with your friends, so any way a working holidaymaker can save some extra cash should be tried.

Though it might not be something readily admitted, drinking is a large part of travel culture and spending nights out with new friends in new cities is a lot of fun. The problem is that partying can be very expensive. If you're the type to indulge in the odd tipple out on the town then you'll want to figure out ways to cut down your costs in this department. Buying alcohol at the local supermarket and having a few before you head out is the best way to cut the costs of drinks at bars. Figuring out when happy hours are is another fine way to avoid spending too much in this department.

Another obvious to cut costs is to pay less on accommodation, probably hte biggest expense for any traveller. A great way to do this is by finding free places to stay. Maybe eaier said than done but there are lots of tools to help, even if you don't know anyone in town. allows you to find people in almost any city imaginable who have a couch/bed/floor for you to crash on. It's an accommodation exchange and the idea is that, one day, you too will host a traveller who wanders into your own hometown. Using Facebook is a great way to reach out to friends and their friends to see who might be able to host you when you arrive in their city. Ask your network of friends and see what they can come up with. Finding coupons and discount codes such as the discount code is another great way to save a bit of cash if you plan on booking your hotel stay online.

Likewise, saving on transportation costs using coupons is also smart. Transportation is a major expenses so cutting back where you can is wise. Using Thomson discount code and Thomas Cook Vouchers will save you a ton of cash. Finding people to share rides with, hitchhiking (maybe not the best idea if you're alone) and signing up with car relocation services are also great ideas.

Working while you travel is a great way to save up some extra cash to extend your travels but you don't want to blow the money you've earned. Especially if you're working at crazy hard jobs like fruit picking! Be smart with your cash and your trip can go on and on and on!




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