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Top Tips for South American Working Holidays

Finding work abroad is a great way of seeing the world as well as gaining experience in a broad range of areas. Working abroad is also an incredible way of making new friends (locals and foreigners) and having new experiences. Whether you’re looking for paid work or voluntary positions, there is something for everyone in South America. This article covers some of the top tips for those looking for jobs across South America.

For Those Wanting to Teach

If you have a relevant English teaching qualification such TEFL, Buenos Aires is a great place to go. English teachers tend to be in high demand all over South America, but no more so than in this historic city. There are hundreds of schools that could desire your services, but it’s recommended you have a good grasp of Spanish so that you can provide a better service to your students. Working for language institutes is the easiest way to get work for those who have just landed. If you are intent on making money, this probably isn’t the place for you, but if you intend to work with some of the most interesting and eager children, this can be a hugely rewarding experience.

Saving the Forest

There are many different voluntary work programs that operate all over South America, catering for all kinds of interests, whether it is working with orphaned children or helping out in shelters. One of the largest growing sectors open to volunteers is conservation work. South America has an ever growing population that needs more and more space, meaning many local natural sites are being destroyed. The Forests of South America have been heavily hit as farmers and loggers bring down huge amount of forest to allow for beef and soya production, ranches and mining. The ecosystem is rapidly changing, with many conservationist groups trying their hardest to track and help prevent the damage. Finding a voluntary position in conservation has therefore become extremely easy, and provides workers with a highly rewarding and socially relevant position.

Sports Fanatics

Brazil is undoubtedly a sporting mad country, making this the top location for those wanting to see South America whilst getting to take in the massive sporting culture. There are many different working holidays available for those who want to gain experience in teaching sports. Rio is one of the top locations for teaching football, with many initiatives teaching young kids the art of the game.

There are hundreds of initiatives that operate for those looking for working holidays. Companies such as Original Volunteers offer a load of different experiences for all kinds of people so be sure to do your research to find the best working holiday possible.




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