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Travelling to Watch Major League Baseball

Baseball is my favourite sport! Many people will tell you it's boring and that nothing really happens but I'd counter that it's one of the most exciting sports out there - you just need to know what's going on! The rules are a bit tricky to learn at first but once you get a hang of all the ins and outs of the game, you'll truly appreciate it.

Besides loving the game itself, I love the history of baseball. Players from the early days of the game are true legends and live on in folklore as the years go by. Records are broken, new heroes are made, and the legend of the game grows and grows.

Another wonderful thing about baseball is the stadiums. Some of them are over 100 years old and you can feel the history of the places as you walk in. Then there are newer stadiums with amazing designs, built in beautiful locations that need to be seen to be believed!

With games on almost every day of the summer and 30 teams scattered around the US (with one in Canada) it lends itself to being a great sport to combine with travel. I even know a guy who spent his summer cycling to all 30 baseball stadiums in one trip. Though that's really only for the truly ambitious, travelling to a few new cities to watch a great sport is a wonderful way to spend a long weekend or even a more extended break.

If you're not sure which teams you want to see, consult the sports page in William Hill site to see who's leading and go find the best teams and players in the league!

I can recommend a trip up to Toronto to see my favourite team, the Blue Jays. They had an improved seasons in 2015 and even made it to the second round of the playoffs so I'm hopeful they'll be an exciting team to watch again this year.

Plus, Toronto is a pretty amazing city. As Canada's cultural hub there's so much to see and do and a visit in the summer is about a million times more fun than braving the winter chill. Plus the Skydome is a pretty impressive stadium, even today. The roof opens!

No matter which cities you decide to visit, you'll have a wonderful time taking in the different cities and stadiums of America's oldest and most-loved sports – baseball!




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