Working Holidays

Working Holiday Program Explained

What is all this talk of working holiday visas you ask? The official line is that the Working Holiday Maker scheme "aims to promote international understanding through helping young people experience the culture of another country." The unofficial description and my understanding from personal experience is that it's a way to work at crap jobs in another country while meeting mostly other travellers, partying like a maniac and coming back home having seen very little in the way of tourist attractions but having had the time of your life!

But whatever it is you want to get out of a working holiday in another country, the visa allows you the time and flexibility to be able to stay for an extended period and support yourself as you go.

There are a variety of countries involved in the program and, for the most part, itís a reciprocal thing. Two countries come to an agreement that will allow young citizens to work in each other's country for a specified amount of time. The visas are not full working visas and each country will have their own restrictions, eligibility requirements, and fees and application process. Restrictions can include age, length of stay, type of work undertaken and for how long, and the amount of money you are required to have at the outset. Some countries also have quotas so it is best to get in quick!

For a list of countries you'll be eligible to apply to, head to my visa summaries page.

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