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Why Working in a Casino Could be for You

When most people think about getting a job for the summer vacation, they usually picture working in a bar or handing out flyers. While these can be fun, they can also involve long hours and little pay, making them tedious work which could be potentially offputting for seasonal workers.

One avenue that few people consider is the croupier route. Working in a casino offers a multitude of benefits, from high rates of pay to flexible schedules, mobility and pleasant working conditions. If you're looking for somewhere to start, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is currently seeking new staff – but there might be a few tips you'll want to follow before you go filling out any forms.

Wrking Visas

The first thing to consider if you're thinking about becoming a croupier internationally is work visas. Depending on where you go in the world, you may have to jump through a few hoops in order to work legally and this can involve obtaining a work permit. If you're travelling to the US, for example, there could be a fair amount of paperwork. You can find out more about work permits before you travel to avoid any mishaps.

Prior Training

One of the greatest things about working in a casino is that it doesn't require a degree in rocket science or years of pre-training. You will be expected however to be pretty savvy on your card games, so you might be advised to read up the best blackjack and poker tips before you start applying for jobs. Experts like Doyle Brunson have published a whole library of books on common card games. Alternatively, if you don't fancy the toil of ploughing through books, sites like give users the chance to play online for free before depositing any more, so you can brush up on your skills and really impress the interviewer.

Dress to Impress

One of the best nuggets of advice for anyone applying to be a croupier would be to look the part – this is a glamorous business in which appearance is top priority, so make sure you turn up to your interview in a pressed shirt with clean fingernails and a generally tidy.




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